Deborah Richmond Architects

Deborah Richmond

Deborah Richmond, AIA (CA license)

Deborah is a practicing architect, installation artist, writer and researcher in the areas of natural and cultural infrastructures. This broad field of interest has resulted in the production of buildings, installations, essays, photography and education on a wide range of subjects from design within natural landscapes to installations reflecting on the presence of cultural and urban systems in and around Los Angeles.

Deborah has worked for over a decade to refine a vision of architectural practice based on collaborative endeavors with partners, consultants and clients. Prior to this practice, she worked for internationally renowned architects on the design of entertainment and institutional projects. Creating buildings that foster creativity among their inhabitants by providing flexible and free spaces that inspire rather than inhibit human interactions, creative contemplation and peaceful dwelling, remains a design priority. Exhibitionary spaces--museums, visitors centers, and other spaces for display, has been a specialty. Her various practices operate as testing grounds for contextual modernism and landscape urbanism, working with the natural setting of each new site. She has participated in group shows in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles and has lectured both in the U.S. and China.